Congratulations with the budding peace offer from the Lebanese.

To understand the profoundness of this move, you have to see it in a historical perspective.

We have been friends before, and we can be friends again, if we see the shared destiny and ideology between Israel and Lebanon.

But to that, we need to understand what Lebanon really is.

What is Lebanon?

Lebanon is the heir to the trading empire of the Phoenicians, that seems to have vanished in the fall of Karthage.

You know the story about Hannibal, the fight with amazing war elephants and the ultimate downfall of Carthagenian empire and the Punes (Phoenicians).

While as the sister culture of the Karthagenian Phoenicians disappeared in the west, Lebanon went under the radar, and has kept its ideology and culture more or less intact ever since. The symbol of the cedar tree that is in the flag of Lebanon is the cultural symbol of the trading Phoenicians. They started trade with cedar trees, that they shipped of to Egypt and other places. It is good building material.

Now historically we Jews have learned a lot from the wise Phoenicians, not least the idea of the Kabbalistic tree of life, that was the main idea of the Phoenicians. You can see it in the construction of the first temple of Israel, that was a copy of the temple of Tyre, the main temple of the Phoenicians.

There is a symbolic representation of the the pillars of mercy and severity of the two pillars that were in front of the first temple. It was built by Solomon with the help of Lebanese, a guy called Hikmet.

We were allies with the Lebanese at the time of the construction of the first temple, they even tought us trade, something we have kept holding on to since that time, and have developed a lot.

In other words, when we were in Israel the first time, we were friends so what will hinder us from being friends again?

I know, that this comes at a time, where Hezbollah have kind of overstayed their welcome, due to the fact, that they have not been the best at keeping their bombs under wraps.

So, maybe it is time for Israel to become friends with the Lebanese again, sharing a destiny as we did the first time.

Don’t underestimate the Lebanese, they are an ancient and wise civilization. We have learned from them before, and therefor we can say, that we have no arrogance towards them, they are ancients friends lets hope they can be friends again.

G-d bless the will of spirit in the pursuit of peace in the Middle East.

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