In Israel we have had a good succes with connecting to the Arabs. Off cause Arabs and Jews are very close in terms of lineage, and we look very much like each other. So the jump between Jews and Arabs is not difficult to take.

But the next possible ally that has emerged is the Lebanese. As I have written in the last posting, Lebanese are not Arabs, they are essentially Phoenicians.

They know it themselves, but due to a history of secrecy, they do not share this identity with anyone. Not that anyone would really know what to do about the information these days, but old habits die hard.

To understand the way of the Lebanese, one needs to understand what they are coming from spiritually. Spiritually the Lebanese are the ones who brought all the softness in the world, or rather was the people that always traded and never went to war.

Their deity Aphrodite, is, according to my sources, the closest you get to grasp the basic identity of the Lebanese.

That is born from the foam of the waves, beautiful, merciful and close to nature.

All beauty and benevolence.

This is the neighbour we have, if we chose to try and really understand the Lebanese.

Not very long ago, this was expressed in the Paris of the Middle East, with long alleys of green trees and a lot of peace.

If we, from an israeli point of view, try to support the basic feeling and culture of the Lebanese, by being good and supportive neighbours, then we can help the Lebanese find themselves again, and thus win a good neighbour.

Who knows, perhaps we can even be friends with the Lebanese in these difficult hours of the Lebanese, and their terrible struggle with crime, chaos and bombs going off.

That is painful for the valiant and great Phoenicians living next door to Israel.

We as good neighbours and friends from the last time we were in the vicinity can perhaps be a good friend and a spiritual ally.

We share the urge for peace with the Lebanese, perhaps that is a good embarking point with a shared friendship across borders.

G-d bless the will to fiend peace with the amazing and ancient people living next door to Israel. May we find peace.

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