Goodnight princess

Listen princess, I will tell you a story that kind of represents my emotions right now.

I Sweden they make these amazing TV for children, you probably know Pippi Longstockings.

When I grew up, I watched a story I really liked. It was about this rascal (for Sweden that is throwing mud on the church clock, kind of things), and a girl called Annika.

So this Emil from Lønneberg type would want to impress the sweet girl Annika with all kinds of impressive feats of throwing mud balls here and there.

She was, finely impressed, with all his attempts a catching here attention with his bufoonery, so she gave him a little gift that really caught him off guard, but he really found as one of his gifts in life.

She gave him a little, white stone, for him to keep in his too wide pockets (too wide for all the apples he used to put in his pockets).

So he could reach down in his pocket and find that round, white stone.

He carried that white stone for all of the series.

This is how I feel about you. I reach into my mind, when I at the harbor (I am preparing my boat for a summer cruise) when I am my job. I reach in my mind and in way, and YOU are there.

Lucky me. I remember when I saw that series in my childhood, that I really wished I had an Annika to call mine.

Now I do, and that just makes my day bright and happy.

Sleep well princess and may your dreams be clear as the sky.

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