Happy birthday

imageSometimes when you are ruling, you also become pretty isolated. You end up in that gilded tower, powerful but in want of some good friend to pup by and drink a glass of vodka or just have a friendly talk. I as one feel this often, being a blogger isolated, and having very few friend due to the radical impact this gives on the world, it can be a burden sometimes. But then I think about the good I do to the world, how my isolated life is serving the interests of the world, how my sacrifice will bring so much into the world that were before falling and corrupting. My sacrifice is good due to the effect it has. Perhaps this is what mr. Putin feels sometimes, how the isolation on the top of that great country is both a blessing and a curse.

Well you have one friend, mr. Putin, and though our projects are difficult, I believe we are in a better place now than before. The challenges we have met are extremely difficult, and it is not over. But, G-d willing, we will persevere and bring the world to a better place.

Often people discuss what is behind those actions that we have made, and if they would just listen, they would know, that it is a matter of bringing peace, and supporting our brothers when they are need, it is not a plot or something manipulative, we just wanted to make peace in Ukraine, and help the Russians there. We failed in some areas, and won in other, but now, hopefully, we will have peace.

I bless you mr. Putin, may your life and reign be of a nature that the bards will sing about and the minstrels applaud.

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