imageWe are backing one horse, without backing of the other horse. In the antique metaphysics and physics was one, in fact metaphysics was the most challenging part of the natural sciences, so to say. Today metaphysics, the lore of G-d is almost extinct.

We believe this is a natural thing, and if we sometimes think about religion and G-d, it is usually not something we do discuss with many, but something we keep secret. In this way we are really in the dark times still.

When we came out of the last depression in terms of science and learning, we strove and tried to reach a stage of advanced metaphysics. But the books were, often, difficult to get by, and as a consequence we were stranded in a way, with half an Aristotelian understanding, and half a Platonic understanding. The real level of knowledge and complexity never was truly realized.

Then we had an industrial revolution and a political revolution, and in both areas we had a huge leap forward, but G-d was lost truly in the proces. It gave us a world, where our systems was professionalized and our material output was maximized to the extreme, we still live in this world with material/physical advancement of an extreme pace.

But we have lost something, we have lost the insight into nature, the feeling for nature, and the sensibility to one important thing; poetry.

The sense of trees waving in the wind, the connection to everything around us, the adventure that life and spirit in connection is. When we did lose that, as a result of he Newtonian revolution, we lost something really precious, and when we reach a state where life again will be open to the mysteries of our world, we will be enriched, again.

G-d bless the openness to the world in all it’s many ways.

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