imageSo the fight against the IS has entered a new stage, the coalition is more or less in place. The western world has come together to meet this new threat to democracy and freedom. There is however just one problem, and that is the fact, that we have a huge part of the population in the European and overseas countries, who seem to disagree with the project.

In Denmark we have serious problems, our soldiers are afraid to walk around with their uniforms on in public in certain areas. There has just been a huge demonstration for IS in the capital, underreported and not responded to. The intellectuals and the political parties are all in high alert. As a kind of responce to the IS front some of my friends and I have published some pictures (I did not do it personally), that was banned in Sweden due to “racist” content, which is what the government do if they are afraid of the Muslims. We have around 500.000 muslims pro IS here in Denmark, that is of population of 5 million. On and on it goes.

So all in all it is all going hay wire, and the insecurity is basically beyond belief. My own security is absurd, I mean, I have based my critisism of Islam on democratic values from the beginning, which I would presume would be an accepted political perspective, and yet I am blacklisted, unprotected and in some kind of danger. The police seems to be paralyzed in face of the task, in fact they are, in some places, infiltrated and making all kinds of stupid supportive measures.

This will either end in total anihilation, all out war, mass rapings, public beheadings or something worse. We see how IS is faring in Iraq and Syria, what would stop them from doing the same in Europe and elsewhere where they are in control of large areas of the territory?

G-d bless the will to be honest about the problems we face.

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