Happy birthday mr. President

In the last ten years, I suppose my ideas have made a huge impact on the world, the West is finally having a turn around, and we are back.

But it would not have been possible without the friendship I have with Mr. Barack Obama. Right now, he is pretty much in trouble in terms of legacy, as a lot of the things we did together is challenged by mr. Trump.

But, to be honest, it seems to hold, most of it. The Iran deal, the focus on China, the fight against IS.

Some of the things we did are actually blooming and really working, like the economic turn around of the US.

The blue collar workers are actually having jobs, warms my heart.

Maybe they see mr. Trump as their savior, but I fought for them as well, and what they are having is due to my work, and off cause all those who use my ideas.

But again, sometimes it seems unfair, that I or mr. Obama does not get the credit.

You know why? It is because we are too bad at sticking together, at carrying each over over each hurdle. We should be better at that. Start working together more, look out for our neighbors, take care of those in our community.

We formed a community at the beginning of the adventure that was the presidency of mr. Barack Obama, we beat the odds, we changed the country. We did it.

So, in practice, we can hold our heads up, and we will. As we work together, share together, sometimes cry and suffer together, but at the end of the line; we do our duty to the USA.

G-d bless the 44 president of the United States of America, and happy birthday.

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