Tommy Robinson

Mr. Tommy Robinson, the former leader of EDL, now free journalist has finally been freed from jail.

Let me say it like this, that was a crime against humanity. Putting the poor sod into solitary confinement, leaving him at the mercy of radical Muslims. Seriously?

I understand, that there are a lot of problems in the UK, but you need to talk about them, and I KNOW that mr. Robinson is not a pedophile or racist or anything like that. He is essentially a decent bloke from Luton.

I have had the same treatment by the officials as Mr. Robinson, perhaps even a harder treatment. They killed my mother and tortured my daughter.

So I know these things, and how they makes you feel. But at the end of the day Tommy, it is not over.

As an American president once said, if you are at the end of the rope, hang on.

I have another friend, his name is Dan Park, and he is your equivalent in Sweden, an artist and a provocateur. He has had several jail sentences as well. Perhaps because he is so cool, it does not get to him.

Once, when our little Union the Vilks committee was attacked by a terrorist with a machine gun. Dan, he just sat there drinking his beer, while the terrorist were shooting everywhere.

We talked a little about what they are doing, and it is a proces of trying to break you down.

Don’t let them get to you, you can do it.

I have another friend, he used to be a soldier in the IDF, in the elite corps actually. A strong guy, but also marked by the fight.

He just lost his kids in a divorce, and in this process he had to fight the system. With his broken mind, that can be pretty hard.

But he got through it, and he is now feeling better, even though he is not getting his kids that much.

But, as he fought this process with his PTSD and all, one thing kept him up. His faith. His faith in his kids, on the justice he is trying to find, in friendship and in G-d.

That is the cure if you are hurt by the torture they have thrown at you, have faith. Have faith in your cause, in your fight and in your country.

G-d bless the will to keep ones head up, even though people are trying, with the vilest means to put you down. Get up Tommy, we need you, and you need us. As we used to say, United we stand, divided we fall.

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