Happy birthday Sasha

Happy birthday Sasha, I didn’t notice, that it was your birthday yesterday, sorry about that. I have been kind of watching you and Malia over the years, being friends with your parents.

You seem to have all the qualities of both your dad and mother. Such a fine young woman!

You have a bright future ahead of you. So just to give you my “uncle” advice for you to maybe use on your path.

Always try to be a part of your local community. It may not be the most illustrious or fancy compared to all the blitz and high level attention you can get on the international scene.

You do not find love or purpose on the international scene, you find it in your local community.

That is where your dad got it, as a community organizer.

Its like Joe as well, he got it in his moms kitchen, watching people fighting for a pay check.

Its places like that, where real dedication and life´s purpose are found.

So, it’s good to have a good education, but the real lifes education comes after, when you try and go out and do things for other people. Helping, supporting.

Real life experience is where you really learn. Learn the true suffering of those who have little, see the struggle they go through to keep a roof over their heads and keep their children fed.

That is what life is about, making those around you thrive and feel that they matter.

So that is my life advice. Your mum and dad went that path, and I think that is where they got their best education.

G-d bless your 23 birthday, and may you have so many more years of prosperity and joy.

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