Happy birthday!

imageCongrats! Mr. Barack Obama leader of the free world, a particular friend of mine, a valiant fighter for the good. Number one organizer in action, protector of the weak, and yes, then again. My good friend :). I would have made the congratulation yesterday, but my blog is hard pressed by all the visitors there. Good thing for my messages, but a bad thing for uploading new texts.

Anyway, friendships are hard to come by, and in international politics, it is also a kind of an alliance. But for me, I have no country to think about, it is real. Sometimes I realize that having friends over the internet that you never meet, is a stupid thing. I mean, how far have we come in this internet age, that your friends are someone you communicate with over the net, and you do not see.

But, Aristotle claims that, the best friendship are those you have with someone, because you, together have an ethical mission. You are friends in the service of good. I believe, my friendship with you Barack is one of those kinds. We are not perfect, and we have a truckloads of enemies, but at the end of the day, we do what we do to make a difference, to make a better world.

I hope we win, so far, the goals the first term have been met. The economy is in recovery. The second term goals of peace in the Middle East, seem, if you look at them from outside as far away. But if you look at the alignments within the Middle East, they are still good. There will be another fight with Isil, but we are good friends with all the rest.

I hope this will give you the victory you need in the second term.

Anyway, my friend. There is still hope, and we have not forsaken the democratic anti racist ideology of Change. We are still working, and we will continue until we are no more, or someone kills us. This is it, congratulations, may we have that energy to reach our final goals.

G-d bless you my friend, happy birthday. 🙂

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