The liberal part of Israel has changed. I read that Amos Oz actually argued for a certain defense. Because as he said, what if someone attacks you with his own child in his lap? This obviously is not an enemy you can reason with, the stupidity and the absurdity of this way of fighting is so far removed from a standard civilized way of doing things, that it just make sense to fight it. Everything else is sheer madness.

But there is a moral aspect to the defense of a civilized nation, and that is, if you do the same as the stupid adversary, he will have dragged you down on his own level.

This calls for a golden middle way. A stance where you defend yourself, but not with excessive means.

You restrain yourself from being dragged down, and you keep your goals clear, that is peace and security. We do not fight to crush out enemy, we fight to win the peace.

This new stand of the peaceniks will hopefully help the right, so that they will see, that we are a serious partner, and are realistic towards the challenges that confront Israel. After all, if we are united, we will stand. If we are divided we will fall.

G-d bless Israel.

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