Thank you, thank you, thank you mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. The dream of an Israel that will continue to inspire and bring peace to mankind still lives. I had given it up, but still there is hope.

I hear that the conservatives are all for fighting. This is understandable taking the sacrifices and tolls on the Israeli public into consideration. But, hopefully they will see, that a more careful, and more precise way of fighting will bring victory. At the end of the day, victory is all that matters. You will not be remembered for one or the other act in the war, but mostly on the result of the war. Hannibal won all the confrontations with Rome, but the Phoenician civilization is still not remembered while as Roman civilization is the one that has based all of today.

It will take time, and a prolonged conflict will take its toll. But in the end, the winning scenario will be if Hamas and the other Islamist organizations will stop their shelling of the Israeli public. This is all that it is about for Israel.

On a larger scale however, the fall out of the conflict will be determining the course of Europe. Your win, will, hopefully strengthen the rising criticism of the all out nazi conduct by Islamists here. We are in this together. If we save Israel, we safe the European continent as well.

Again, thank you. The western civilization, that Israel is a product of also. Just got a reprieve, a reprieve we will try to use to rebound.

We are yours indebted.

G-d bless Israel, and all it’s valiant fighters.

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