When we discuss the advent of the current crisis in Israel and related to its surroundings, we need to understand how war works in an international society.

Before the advent of the internet, you could not know what they thought in Israel if you lived in Iran, or the other way around. Today, you can just click on a newspaper or a blog, and you will know.

This calls for a renewal of tactics when it comes to war.

In the old paradigm, the Soviet Union were experts in manipulating the western media. It all started with the Vietnam war, and has been used ever since. How did the psycho ops team work their methods?

They did it, by presenting the media with stories that the media just could not resist. As the poor little girl that ran away from a napalm attack. This picture won the war for the Vietnamese.

So the methods were dissipated to the allies of the soviets; Iran, PLO, South America, China. They again spread the methods to their friends, Muslim brotherhood, Al Queda. It all became a simple way of winning the war for the enemies of the west. They used our own media against ourselves.

So, when did we win our first war again after the Vietnam war? The war in Libya. Yes there were wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. But we never really won them, because the media always had a negative stance towards them. But, we did win the war in Libya, everybody stood behind it, why? Because Barack and I implemented new strategies to counter the old strategies.

What were the reflections?

First of all, with internet, it is much more difficult to manipulate the media, there are numerous fact checkers along the way, not at least powerful bloggers.

The great turn around was in a Gaza conflict, where the Palestinians had painted extra rockets on a picture that was distributed through Reuters. This was fact checked by the blog little green footballs, and gave Reuter a bit of a wake up call.

This we can see work again in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Palestinians have for a long time tried to manipulate the media, but this is very difficult in a situation where the internet is overflowing with stories about them using their own children as cannon fodder.

But, it does not mean that after the advent of the internet, that all the methods used at the time of the Cold War is void. There is still an ongoing, international judgement of the moral value of the war.

To take the Israeli conflict again, we can see how this went back and forth. First the Palestinians killed three Israeli teens in cold blood, Israel had the sympathy of the world. Then an Israeli killed a Palestinian in cold blood, so the Palestine side had the sympathy. Then the Palestinian side started shooting rockets at civilians, Israeli side went up, then Israel started the ground force invasion, Israel went down. Now a soldier has been abducted in the beginning of a cease fire, the Israeli side went up.

You see? This is the true fight we are talking about. The fight for the moral high ground.

The problem, or rather the trick with this fight is the fact that you cannot inflict blows on your enemy, you can only inflict blows on yourself.

So, a careful, skilled, ethical way of conducting the war is the sure way to win it.

Enter Libya, where Barack and I developed this new method and won with it. In fact Barack has used it ever since to hunt down Bin Laden, and target several leaders of Al-Queda.

Instead of going in with Second World War gear, that is tanks and ground troops. We developed a precise hit and go strategy. In Libya we used the air force to pound the ground forces of Gadaffi, and supported local pro democratic parties.

So we did not hit more than just, and we were very strict with this; military targets.

Now Gadaffi was not as deprived as Hamas and other Islamist organizations, he did not use children as shields, but he did try something like it.

But we had the media behind us, and created the Arab spring.

Now, these are some of the reflections. Barack is hinting, that he will accept the Israeli war, if we follow these principles, because they work, and they are not unethical.

So if we do this, and we are not trapped by some trap setup by Hamas, we have the upper hand.

They learn fast however, faster than Gadaffi, so the victory is not sure. But the chances are much better.

Why is this is important? Because Israel is not alone, it is a part of a coalition. It is a part of the West. If Israel wins, the West wins, if Israel looses, the West looses.

We need to win, because we are still so beat up by the Cold War, that if we do not turn the tide of battle, we will cease to exist. Already great nations as France, England and Germany are hit hard. If we do not turn the tide, we will see these proud nations be cut into pieces, and Europe will be ripe with strife.

G-d bless the victory we might win.

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