There was a certain point in history, when we went from being savages and turning into civilized citizens.

One of the most determining factors of this progress was the advent of writing, but politics, law, democracy, science, metaphysics. All these items of civilization items actually was invented at a certain time in specific places.

One of the great turning points was when the central temple societies ruled by clericacy lost its sway over the minions of Mesopotamia, and everything just fell apart.

At this point of history all just seemed like a whirlwind sucking up everything and just leaving behind destruction. The specific problem was state controlled farming. State controlled farming simply ruined all the arable land, due to salinization.

Some historian ask themselves, how could the destruction be so widely successive, and not just happen in small areas?

Because when the people loose faith in a political system, it implodes. This may be the answer to the riddle why the great Meso American civilizations that gave us the incredible pyramid structures just imploded. They lost faith.

When we, objectively, compare the civilization the West has built, with all its bells and whistles, to an archaic backwards looking Islam, there is absolutely no discussion. The western civilization is the best. It still goes on to create things as the internet, and men on the moon.

So why are we so discouraged with our own civilization? Because of the cold war. The whole intention of the KGB system was to implode the culture from within.

So, what we need, is someone to stand up for our democracy again. To paint its colors on their brazen shields, to emblazon it on their valiant heraldic steeds.

To stand fast again on democracy. Because it is the best. We have inherited it all the way back to the first revolutionaries, and it still does not compare to anything.

This is what the confrontation with Al-Queda is all about.

G-d bless the knights of freedom.

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