Concerning the abduction of the Israeli serviceman, one thing is the implication of the leverage the palestinians get, another thing is the push the Israeli side get from the action in terms of pro Israeli sentiment, a third thing is the strategical considerations.

First I think it is, as everything the Palestinians do, avoid of all ethics. It is disgusting. Secondly, they just gave us a deprive from the set backs we recently got from the ground invasion. Thirdly, we should not change tactics. Tech is still our best card.

We will win if we continue the assault, precisely, with tech and at the same time keep resources from flowing into Gaza.

They basically just handed us the victory, if we play our cards with skill.

Continue the demolition of the tunnels, and ferret them out of their hideaway with drones and Shin Bet.

In a few weeks they will probably get so desperate they hand us the victory with some stupid mistake.

G-d bless Israel.

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