I am a dancer, and as a consequence of that, I know a lot of beautiful women. They are not idols to revere, or someone to attract. They are my friends, true friends.

So, I know how it is to be a beautiful woman, and some of the traps and pitfalls for those human beings. When you are beautiful, attention comes cheap, but true love is difficult. It is like being a rich man, true love is difficult to come by, because the wrong girls are attracted to you. Not the girls who are in it to make a difference, or change the world. But the golddiggers.

It creates a negative synergy, where what you attract what is bad for you, and what you need is really difficult to get hold on.

This is what has happened to the Jewish filmmaker Weinstein. All the glitterati of Hollywood was his to command. I love his films, the “English patient” is one of my favourites. Weinstein must have known what is right and wrong, because he has made films that is a tribute to best in mankind.

But he used his power to demean and put down innocent girls. That is, how can I say, beyond evil. He was a living vampire, preying on the dreams of young girls. Leading to traumatic experiences for so many young beautiful girls, caught in his honeytraps.

It is beyond despicable, and I just can’t get it around my head, how a young boy from a respectable Jewish home could end up there. As a vampire. This is the exact opposite of what we Jews are supposed to be. We are supposed to be the light of nations, the good people, the Chosen people, remember?

And the worst thing about this is, that we cannot afford it. There is an endless cycle of violence against us, so just a little pretext is enough to cater the next pogroms. One Jews mistakes fall back on all of us.

They call what Barack and I have created in the Democratic party austere. Well, if caring about families, and helping the community is austere, then, by all means, let us be austere.

I did not know what was going on, I just hooked up with Barack, because he, as me, wanted to Change the world into something better. A course that we are reaping the benefits of right now.

Being better is obviously not doing as Weinstein did. That is the exact opposite.

Hollywood needs to come around, and especially Jewish producers should look into themselves and find what is good in them, and then act on it. Make a better world, not just in film, but also around them. Make a good vibe, a respectful vibe. Young girls are easy prey, especially if they want something, and they dream about something. But then give them a fair treatment. Pick the girls with talent, not those who are just willing to sell themselves.

We can do that, be serious, artistic and decent. This is what we are supposed to do, so let’s do it.

G-d bless the willingness to be an honest Jew, despite all the luring of the corrupt, be light bringers not the opposite.

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