The price of our souls

The whole shebang with Harvey Weinstein and the current disintegration the Democratic party is in, really puts forth greater questions than just the superficial questions.

Everybody agrees, that Weinstein is symptom of a deeper malaise. Seriously, how can we have carried such scum at our hearts?

Have we become so deranged and morally decadent, that this could happen in our society. I mean, this is one of those who were supposed to be the good guys.

If we take a look at it from a historic perspective, the answer however comes much more into focus. One of my leading theories have been, that we are still living in the dark ages. After having done a huge excavation in the ancient scriptures that lie two thousand years ago, before the dark ages, I can see, that we have lost a lot.

The driving force in our current societies are materialistic. You can name a few of the materialistic impulses; Nietzsche, Communism, Newton, Darwin, Feuerbach. Even my fellow countryman Niels Bohr, perhaps the greatest scientist of the materialistic age, was that, a materialist. You could have him excused since he was basically a unmaterialistic man, and were friends with the great theologian Løgstrup. But the advancement that Western culture has made in the realm of materialism is both amazing and, as we see with Weinstein, corrupting.

Metaphysics, the opposite of physics, that is the science of spirituality, is just as impressive as physics. There are still vestiges of these ideas in our culture, mostly apocryphal, that is hidden in hermeticism and Kabbalah.

But these metaphysical systems are just as developed as the physical systems we share all of humanity these days. Even more advanced in some areas, not least in areas of ethics.

I am not talking about making an era of metaphysics only. What I am talking about, is a new balance. We need to accept metaphysics, and the necessary conclusions in terms of ethical choices that these ideas give us.

We need to believe in G-d again, simply, to counter that corruption and decadence that our world has fallen into.

We still have the raw manpower and intelligence to make that move, but we need to do it. And perhaps that critical stance that we have taken towards some of the ill in our own culture, is a true beginning of such a move.

As I have said before, G-d lives, and we should move away from the corruption and force ourselves to be better persons. Shed the arrogance of the rich and powerful, and find solace in a more modest approach.

Materialism gave us sway over the entire globe, but at the price of our souls. That price os too high to pay, and we need to redeem our lives and find the love and unity that there is in faith.

G-d bless the will to be humble and more noble again.

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