What is it really to be honest? I have a lot of flaws, but I truly believe, that dishonesty is not one of them. After the Mohammad Cartoon crisis, where freedom of speech was discussed, we did really in Denmark discuss honesty a lot. Because honesty is the basis for freedom of speech.

It works like this; to hide something, you use lies. But if you have nothing to hide, you do not need lies.

So people judge you by your candour. If you are honest, you have less to hide.

Nobody likes anybody who lies, but they will almost always forgive a truthsayer. Off cause, there are somethings that are too bad to be forgiven for. But mostly the dishonesty you have, is human nature.

But it is a very good thing to always try to be honest, because it pushes you to be at better person.

When you do something, that other people find dishonest, you, most of the time, have a good reason. So if someone criticises you, be honest about your reasons to do as you did.

Then you can actually discuss the moral content of your actions. Some find it right, others dislike it.

Nobody is perfect however, we are all sinners to some degree. But most of us try to make something better out of what have of life.

So, to be really honest, you have to be strong and face the criticism of other people. But the funny thing is often, that if you are honest, people usually forgive you for your mistakes, because they know that you have faced what you have done wrong, and will try to be better at another time.

Not being honest, is much worse, because then people start digging in the problems you have, and seek for mistakes.

G-d bless the will and ability to be honest.

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  1. Peter Buch
    November 2nd, 2016 at 19:08 | #1

    I dag med tankestreg.

    I’m just sitting here beating on my trump-et
    With all these promises you left for me

    But to live outside the law, you must be honest
    I know you always say that you agree

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