One week to go

Ok, there is one week to go. This is devastating in some areas, and pretty cool in other. I do believe, that both candidates have had their share of scandal, and nobody can say that it is rigged. Mr. Trump got his fair share, and ms. Clinton got hers.

So, we are even.

What I do believe is important, is that what we need to do, is to come clean. We have to be honest in this election, and in general.

I know that the easiest thing to be done is to cheat, but, you know, in politics cheating is like peeing in your pants. It warms at the moment, but after some time it gets colder.

Nevertheless, still, things are not as bad as they seem.

On a political level, actually both candidates are pretty much in agreement on what is important; beating IS, working with the economy.

But there are of cause things that are different, mainly in what parts of the constituency are important, of cause.

I believe, we have had a dirty campaign, but I do not believe it is as dirty as some think. I still believe both candidates have brought a lot to the table, and we will see what will be the outcome after the election.

One thing is sure however, we need to reach out after the election, whoever wins, we need a Netanyahu like capacity for someone who understand both right and left. I think that is really where the good course lies.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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