Huma Abedin

The case that the FBI is throwing against ms. Hillary Clinton involves ms. Huma Abedin. Who is she? She is, obviously a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, since she is family with some of the top dogs of that organisation, and she is an agent.

How do I conclude this? Because I have been living, as many other people who are influential, with agents close to my life for many, many years, so I have a lot of experience with this.

It works like this; a person, that reflects your own interests and person shows up, and is willing to do almost anything to please you. He or she will become your friend, and help you beyond what is natural. You are not required to care much about your own actions towards this person. They are always there.

The problem is, it is fake. She or he does not exist because they like you, but to influence you in some way. One of my other friends had an agent in his life. This agent kept taking him to pubs to make him drink more and more. Basically he was not my friends friend, but used his friendship to wear my friend down.

Abedin seems to be the same, she goes to lengths normally not attributed to a muslim woman, like marrying Anthony Weiner, even though he is not a paragon of virtue.

The deeper story of this, is, of course, that she represents the Muslim Brotherhood. On this issue Barack and I have disagreed to some degree. Originally he supported Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, and, I supported Al-Sisi. I supported Al-Sisi, because the Muslim Brotherhood is a problematic organization spreading islamism around the globe.

After the Egyptian revolution, the Sunnis have worked themselves closer to Israel, and agree on not liking IS. Especially Egypt. So we have made more unity amongst our allies in the Middle East. Even Turkey now agrees on this.

As time has gone by, the Muslim Brotherhood has lost its sway, and is mostly now confined to London, where is lives a poor life. That is, it is no longer a major player.

This is reflected in the tragedy of ms. Abedin, that was divorced to Weiner. (Who wouldn’t)
So the value of Abedin as an ally, is naught. She is not a friend, she is, most probably, just an agent of a small organisation.

The problem is. She is a symbol of corruption. FBI are scared about this, and so they act. They do not act with an all embracing fanfare, but they are putting up a flag.

So, instead of attacking FBI, they are basically just doing their job, we should acknowledge their flagging, and just put up some barriers between Abedin and the inner circle of the friends of Clinton.

Good luck, but you need to act fast, we are losing steam on this issue, at at critical point of our contest drive.

G-d bless the will to get honest about our problems.

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