Human Abedin and Weiner

Ok let us be cool about the FBI accusations. Let us have a sound and serious look upon the problem. First of all; no ACTUAL accusation has been forwarded, just some airy negative comments. That is all.

The true problem is not the accusations, it is the target of the accusations; Huma Abedin and her former husband Weiner. Bad apples both of them. Weiner because he is VERY negative in his ways with women; Trump like actually. Abedin because everybody knows that she is a meme of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These two persons are not sufficiently ethically based to be a part of the Democratic presidential run.

Why? Because we have run on an ethical basis against Trump. We fight for womens rights, and against the Islamic State.

This leaves no room for a child adulterer as Weiner, and a Muslim Brotherhood agent as Abedin.

So, if we defend ourselves, we, at the same time, defend some undefendable individuals.

We need to let them go, and the fuss will all be over. And it needs to be done fast, because we are very close to the election day.

We are also required to learn from it. There is no room for failure in our government. We have to do as we say. We simply cannot attack Trump for a sexually denigrating perspective and then, at the same time, defend people who do the same in our own camp.

I am sorry, but as the election has developed, it has, for good and worse, been more and more ethical.

We need to realise this and evolve ourselves.

G-d bless the willingness to understand our own mistakes, and be sorry when we do them.

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