The prove of G-d

Ok, I must write about something else than the American election. It is off cause of a vital importance, but there are other things as well.

Like the discussion on G-d. I am reading about the great physician Niels Bohr, another Dane. He was one of those few people who were pushing human knowledge on.

I have been discussing the relationship between spirit and physics, arguing, that G-d is as Anaxagoras says; a natural power that is in between matter, in the ether, so to say. Birth is the gateway between this dimension of the ether, and the material world.

This discussion is, in its essence spiritual and physical, that is metaphysical. “Besides the physical” as it is what “meta” means.

I believe that the teological community has done a great disservice in not following the physical discussion. Because the physicians actually disagree in these matters. Some believe, that there is a G-d, like Planck, who realised that energy has a smallest unit, thereby naming the “Planck”s constant.

Instead of trying to fight the physical community, we should just be a part of the discussion. I had an angle on the world famous Niels Bohr institute some years ago, where I met a leading physician there, but due to all the chaos in my life, all the persecution and so on, I could not follow up on this lead. I hope to continue this line of my thought. Because if I can contribute with a scientifically respected line of thought that actually uses the idea of G-d as a proven and well understood idea, we could, potentially be back in the metaphysical community.

That is why, I ask you, all of you who are interested in these ideas, to show support, and help me in my quest. Give me some help, and maybe, I can do this.

G-d bless the will to fight for G-d.

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