War and peace

peace-war-600It seems to me, that ms. Clinton is in the lead. Still, we are not here yet, but the signs are good. Anyway, if we win, I think we should discuss, already now, what we should do to foreign policy matters.

First of all, I believe, that the American people are not ready for another full scale war, and if they are, it will not be with the Russians, it will be with the Islamists.

Why? Because the Islamists with their continous terror attacks, not only on American soil, but everywhere in the world, is what is felt as the greatest threat. Some geopolitical analysts will point to the fact that China has a much larger potential for agression, but they have not done anything on American soil yet. The Islamists have, and that is a lot.

There is also a special bonding and history between Europe and the US. Most of American culture comes from Europe, and there is still a very close relationship between the US and Europe, especially Northern Europe. You are our friends and family. That is how we see it.

So when islamists attack France, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, it is felt as an attack on a family member. It IS an attack on a family member.

As the Syrian war is settled, and IS looses its territory, they are going to swarm Europe. At least, that is what they are threatening, and they usually do as they say. We have som calm right now, because they are tied up in Mosul. But after they lose that piece of land, they are free to spread their terror everywhere, especially in Europe. They are not dumb, and they carry the torch of a religious war. So they are hard to turn around.

Anyway, as the confrontation picks up speed in Europe, there will be an increased voice for American intervention in Europe. This is not the first time Americans have been on the shores of Europe, fighting for liberty, and it will, probably, not be the last.

This however, will be a fight with the full consent of the people.

The bad thing is, off cause, that all wars are terrible. Wars should be avoided at all costs, but should be fought vigoursly, if there is nothing else to do.

The good thing about it, is the strategic implications. We are not stirring up another cold war, or getting enemies all around the world. Everybody agrees on taking on the islamists, even sunni muslims, the closest possible allies IS has. So, it will harden the international community around a strategy lead by the US.

G-d bless the US in its wise decisions towards war and peace.

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