How to find peace

We have to understand the riots to understand what to do about them.

Listen, I understand the insecurity and desperation many feel due to the Coronavirus. Mr. Trump has not really delivered here, and so people get frustrated, and helpless.

But, look at the statistics, he has actually had a bit of a comeback, and is making progress. We need to give him that, after he started working on the Chlorochine scheme, things are actually moving a bit forward.

This gives a bit of hope, a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, all the hard handedness of the poor black guy who got killed by a white policeman, is off cause wrong, but this is not the reason to torch whole cities.

It is the frustration over the Coronavirus that takes a mean turn.

What is the best course of action? It is to fix the economy after all the hits it has taken, get people back to work, and see some progress again.

Here is my recommendation:

1. Put in motion huge packages of relief, but focus on jobs. Those patriotic, yes, American companies that hires right now, help them even more. All those who have lost their jobs, make some kind of temporary arrangement to keep them fed.
2. Look at the root of the problem: China. Who is benefiting right now? Is the the US, or is it China?

So, please reconsider the two complicated perspectives of this riot, and help each other instead of fighting each other. It doesn’t help a anybody.

Please reconsider this, and try to find some peace.

G-d bless the peace that CAN be found.

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