Cold war

The latest attack on American soil is pretty devious. Let us take a historical look at it. In the 70´ties cold war attacks were mainly done by infiltration of media, culture and academia. In Denmark we had “no atomic power movement”, that was devised by KGB.

In the US there were numerous other attempts at undermining the American society.

Now, since we are getting into a kind of cold war with China, and partly Russia, what would the next step of cold war be, in a socialmedia driven world. Well, you probably get; social media.

How does social media work, it works by driving a narrative by some subculture or other, to inflame peoples minds and feelings, and generating general mayhem.

Does that ring a bell?

Black lives matter?

All lives matter, but the whole structure of the riots do look like a cold war media manipulation attempt.

I have no prove off this, but truly who benefits the most of these riots that just to come out of nowhere, exactly at a point where Hong Kong was in trouble. Well, Hong Kong suffers and China wins.

So we have a blatant cold war mover here, using the net and probably collaborators within the US.

At least this is how cold war moves usually were, probably still is.

What to do about that.

Well it is pretty simple, keep attention on Hong Kong, douse the rebellions, be kind but not weak, and get to the bottom of it on the internet.

Dont buy the bait of going into a fight with these guys.

And off cause, help the black voters and workers. They are as mush a casualty of the this kind of manipulation.

Start to see through the deception, and stop the onslaught.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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