Non violence?

These new online infiltration techniques, that may have been behind the latest Black Lives matter campaign are what they are. They are trolling. As the internet is filled with people who are there to ruin the debate, by provoking the discussion into a line that is unconstructive these Black Live matters are the same, just stupid memes to stir up trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in rev. Kings legacy. That of finding a peaceful way to live with each other, brothers and sisters black and white.

But what I also truly believe in, is non violence, in the dialogue.

We have enemies, as the islamists, as China, but we shouldn’t treat each others as enemies, we need to be strong together.

Looting and pillaging is not getting stronger or finding unity, it is the opposite. That is the way it is.

To demand justice and sympathy, the real truth is, that you need to earn it. Justice and sympathy is something you gain and make yourself. It is your own actions that will give you an image.

That is why burning down churches is not the way to go. Seriously, a church.

Rev. King was a man of G-d he respected all men of any cloth, and his mark as a preacher was to respect and dream of a better world. A world without violence, a world where you could live side by side.

Non violently.

This is very important to remember. And to me a sound and even voice that tries to recall that vibe and ethos is what is needed. Not more agression and destruction. We have enough other problems to deal with.

Please G-d, bless the great nation, and make it whole.

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