Non violence II

These past two weeks have really tested the very core of the United States of America, not really on a material level, on things built or other physical things, but on a moral level.

This is really what this is about, do we continue having faith in the IDEAS of the United States or do we falter and lose faith in the ideas that the country was built on.

The core tenant that was tested was that of non violence. Non violence is a genuine American idea made by Henry David Thoreau Walden.

He looked at the little acorn first burrowing in the soil, then sprouting and then growing into a tree.

He saw in this something sacred and profound, the sacredness of life.

In this perhaps insignificant observation something beautiful and lasting grew.

The RESPECT for life as an essence of Humanistic Americanism.

Something that gave us Ghandi, rev. King among others.

This true American legacy, the inherent respect for life is what was a stake, and still is at stake in wake of the Corona crisis. Do we go all hay wire violent, or do we actually respect the sanctity of life?

It actually goes both ways, and it also calls to a possible way out of this mess.

Please let us remind ourselves, of the worth of life. We cannot take it away just because it is in our way, and we CANNOT excuse the destruction that the grief of a lost life gives us.

Non violence is, at the core, a story about that sprouting acorn. Still that acorn is not felled, please let us take care of it, and eventually rest under the foil of its branches.

Because, at the core, that is what the United States of America is about. A carefulness about that life that is in our world.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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