Human rights

Ok, so the international human rights council in Strassbourg has had a bit of a beating by Denmark.

We have just finished a major discussion on the content and direction of the court.

To be honest, the direction it goes right now, is something I came up with, so off cause I am pretty satisfied.

At the same time I thank the judges for their open-mindedness and cooperation. Thank you you honors, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Why did I propose a rethinking of the human rights council?

Because the time we are in now is different from when the original document was written. Under the French Revolution, the writers were young idealists who had a world to win, and they did.

But now, it is almost 240 years after, and the idealism is not enough anymore. What was before seen as a renewal and something beautiful is today seen as something common.

We take human rights for granted.

Today the problem is essentially lack of support for the beautiful ideas of the French Revolution.

The ideas have been corroded and corrupted, and people are starting to abuse the freedom of the state to gain for themselves. The freedom has become a burden.

This is where the philosopher is supposed to guard democracy, and protect it against the dangers of complete collapse.

The greatest danger to our liberal democracies these days, is the complete disregard for the peoples of Europe. They are seen as pieces on a chessboard, and the psychological entity of the Nationhood in Europe and the West in general, is not respected.

A nation is a people.

To regain some sense of peoplehood, those who are living on the territories of the former sovereign nations of Europe, needs to see, that the essential rules of the democratic system is respected by the newcomers, otherwise they will also lose the faith in the states.

That is why, the fight for a democratic idealism and support to the values of Democracy is paramount.

We need to turn the corruption and reinvigorate the faith in Democracy where it is lacking.

And people needs to see, that the states can and will protect them against the aliens who are not respecting those rules of Democracy.

That is why people are so angry at the court, because the courts are supposed to SUPPORT democracy not destroy it by supporting and protecting aliens who do not respect the rule of law.

To put this in perspective, there has never actually been a philosopher who succeeded in protecting a Democracy that was in its final throes of termination. Never once since Plato came up with the solution to the downfall of Democracy, never ever.

See? We are fighting with our backs against the wall, the populace is so angry with the system, that they prefer a tyranny. And then we will lose our Democratic systems.

So, what I propose as a tool and as a purpose of the new human rights council, is a realistic, honest approach to the cliff of disaster we are veering above, and then do everything in the councils power to PROTECT the nations and peoples who are in harms way.

Because otherwise we will have failed that sacred mission that was given to us, by the buoyant revolutionaries 240 years ago. To be the guardian of Democracy.

G-d bless the will to be honest and sincere about the problems that are in the current democratic societies.

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