International strategy

The attacks in Syria is not good, why? Because it does not make much sense strategically.

To fight in the Middle East, one needs to understand the extremely complicated powerstruggles there.

How do you understand these powerstruggles? You do it by understanding the web of history in the Middle East.

Just take Egypt. Egypt is the oldest known state in the world. It started before anything else.

The same goes for Irak. Irak is the descendant of Babylon, who can trace its story all the way back to the first city of Eden.

Iran is Persia, who used to be Zoroastrians, who used to be Hittities.

We the Jews are a part of that web for good or worse ever since Abraham.

So, in order to make a strategy that makes sense for the Middle Easterns, you need to understand who your true enemies are, and your friends.

There are essentially two factions right now, that fights for hegemony in the Middle East. One is the shia muslims, the other is the sunni muslims.

Sunni muslims being arabs, and shia being Persian. Two very distinct peoples, who have been fighting each other for millennia.

It is a bit like the Roman Catholic and the Byzantine Orthodox.

When Barack and I called the shots, we first fought the shia for some time, but as the shia realized, that we were a serious international player, and we wanted peace. They settled for a peace deal.

Concerning the sunni, there is a very important internal division within the sunni community.

There is the pro western and the pro islamist, or anti western.

What Barack and I did was to make an alliance with the pro western forces, and fight the anti western alliance. That is muslim brotherhood, Islamic State, Turkey, Quatar.

It had the effect, that for once in a thousand years there actually was a player in the Middle East, who could reach both sunni and shia, and make peace.

We did make peace, a peace that is now unraveling.

Thing is, if we do not fight our enemies, but use our limited resources on attacks that make no real sense strategically, then we are out of the game, and we will be prey to our enemies.

The enemies being the muslim brotherhood and China.

Its real, France has been attacked, Germany attacked, the UK has a HUGE problem with the muslim brotherhood, the mayor of London being one of them.

After Barack stopped, Clinton revived the Cold War mechanics, because she was angry for having lost the election. This was, to me, wrong.

All the carefully planned and executed strategies that was in place after mr. Obama, was destroyed, and this brings us here, at the brink of another stupid Cold War.

I mean, we had just put that in the grave, now we have to start all over.

Luckily the Russian feels and understands, that the Obama fraction of the Liberal party has NOT supported this idiocy, and there is still an open window for cooperation and peaceful acceptance.

Focus our enemies, like the ones who really fight us, and we will win. Not focusing on the enemies, will bring us fatal problems, and a huge loss of prestige.

G-d bless the will to see clearly.

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