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romeWe are, most of us, the children of Rome. Rome fell in around 3 – 400 AC, because it basically was swallowed up be greed and disturbing inefficiency. At that very last stage, when the barbarians stood at the gates, they kind of tried to relink to the very basis of what Rome was; a spawn of Etruscan culture and ideology. The belief, that there are certain rules and barriers that are forbidden to tread over, and the ability to foresee the future in bird entrails and the livers of goats.

You may laugh at this, but if you consider the astounding success of the Romans, at their largest, it was an empire spanning Europe and north Africa, you could see the effectiveness of this culture.

But it was too little and too late, the barbarians sacked Rome and the military and political wing disintegrated, only the religious wing survived to this day, today called the Roman catholic church.

But what was really the problem of the Romans, whom we are seriously in danger of copying in terms of degration and political collapse?

Simply put, it came too late back to its roots. There were attempts along the way, Caesar being one of them, but it was feeble, and it lacked the strength of true conviction.

When the barbarians had gained too much strength, it was too late.

We should learn from the history, and do the opposite, while we still can. This has been one of the reasons, that I have been trying to push a democratic agenda in opposition to islamism. We need to use the very basic ideology of who we are, if we are to turn this situation around.

My first philosophical push has survived most in France, it is the germ that is behind the Generation Identitaire, and thereby ms. le Pen.

I know that le Pen has been unpopular, but such infights as between moral and legal standpoints that are so relatively small as between le. Pen and Manuel Valls, is stupid to sustain. We need to be on the same page, internationally as well. We need to unite as the unity will give us the necessary strength to survive the coming battle.

We were born free, and so shall we remain, until there is no more of us. This is the core of what we are, and we shall remain so, albeit the demands of the caliphate.

As when we fought communism, (sorry Putin, I know that this is your ideology to certain degree), but as we did then, we did it by holding on to what we believe in. We should do that again, as it was democracy against communism, this time it is democracy against islamism.

The sheer monstrosity of the task is apparent.

I do not believe in shading the fight because we are afraid we may target muslims that are friendly. I believe in targeting only muslims were are truly against. The fighters of the caliphate are not all muslims, but only a part of muslims. The rest, we can accept and live together with. A lot of the Muslims around the world are enemies, but not all. So my strategy has, until now, given us two advantages. 1. It gives us a renewed contact to what we are, and our values. We die and fight for them. 2. It makes sure, that not all muslims are targeted.

War will never change, because war is the basis of the material world. The scope and brutality can change, but the methods are always the same. Mayhem, rape and destruction.

We need to gear up, and stay clear on our objectives in this matter; to use as little force needed to win this war.

When we talk about rearming, I believe that the Brits are going in the right direction, and I will give the Brits an advice I got from one of the greatest heroes of Britain, that I use a lot. Winston Churchill said, that what is really our advantage to the Muslim world is the strong arm of science. Put this to good use. Because we need to realise, that the war will be fought both domestically as well as internationally. The weapons of the second world war will do little good against a guerrilla type warrior we are fighting in most of Europe.

We need the ability to change the advantages of the guerrilla warrior with an endless supply of maniacal self-sacrificing martyrs at his side. His advantage is the selfsacrifise, and the fact, that he does not respect the rules we play by. All citizens of Europe are his targets. The more mayhem he creates the better. Against this, we need machines, robots, drones and other artificial machinery to counter his attack. When he strikes, we need to be able to send in drones, that will take him out.

In a later stage of the fight, we need to envision other ideas. But, research, research, research is really the best weapon we have right now.

As the fight goes on, and the bodies start piling up, the peoples and citizens will look for guidance, and leadership. So we need to prepare that as well.

What will we say and do as more and more attacks are rapidly increasing all over Europe. We will have to sharpen the tools we have, and we may have to arm the citizens themselves, so that they have a chance of fighting back.

G-d bless the will to remain sharp and vigilant in a terrible situation.

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