I must say, that I really support mr. Vladimir Putin in the outrageous downing of a Russian plane. It is a direct attempt at fanning the flames for another cold war. I hope that Turkey does not succeed in this attempt.

There should be repercussion, and there probably will be. I hope NATO accepts this as Putin does it.

I also agree with mr. Putin, that the deeper problem is an islamisation of Turkey, that is curbing the democratic traditions of Turkey and moving towards a Sharia state.

You could not say, that Turkey supports IS, I mean, Turkey has just had a row of jabs and counter thrusts with IS. But they are not as an aggressive enemy of IS as France.

You now see the consequences of the Obama strategy in earnest. Countries that actually support freedom and democracy, Russia one of them, are melting into a unit. Since Turkey have been moving away from democracy as a foundation of their state, they are caught in-between. Ideologically they are in-between IS and the rest. So they are afraid of the development.

It is time Turkey chooses a side. If they continue on this course of aggression, they will be on the islamist side, if not, they have a chance on getting onto the democratic side.

We will watch and see.

But until that, we are truly sorry mr. Putin, we did not see it coming.

G-d bless Russia, the one remaining nation of the vikings in the east

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