If you want peace, you need to be ready for a fight

Concerning EU politics towards the close vicinity of EU, that is the Middle East. To me, we have to get on from a 68 flower power understanding of the issues.

In the 68 Palestine was the victim of Jewish brutality. But today political winds have changed, and we have to change our understanding accordingly.

The greatest threat to Europe in general is Turkey. While as Egypt has been a stalwart ally in the region, and we have good ties to Iran, Turkey still seem to ride the Islamist bandwaggon.

We have to be realistic with this, and see Turkey for what it is; it is an enemy. It has threatened Greece, and uses its leverage in Europe to get more guns.

What will happen if a nation gets more guns?

It will use the guns to get power.

So to me, we have to be realistic with the political forces that drives the development of our neighbours.

If not, we will just create more havoc and problems.

To have peace, you need to be ready for a fight.

Because realistic force behind a political process is what drives the process.

Arms are not necessarily meant to be used, but if you do not have any arms, you are sure to be having a fight, because you are seen as weak.

Strength is a detterent not a thing that should be used unless really needed.

We need to have more physical strength, to find peace. As the Romans used to say; Si vis pacem, para bellum.

If you want peace, you need to be ready for a fight.

Maybe it is time to learn that lesson again, that Scipio Africanus tought the Romans at the Phoenician wars.

We need to build our strength in order to make peace with our enemies.

G-d bless the roman way of doing things.

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