I believe, that truth to be told, we have come a long way with the US. When Barack and I kind of started having influence on the US. We were almost bankrupt, jobs were going to overseas, and the dollar was really in danger of collapsing.

If the economy collapses, the entire system collapses.

Be as it may, we have seen a lot of development under mr. Trump. Especially in the fire power of the US, and also in sweeping up some of the darker sites of the American system.

These developments will most probably save the US in the long run.

I know, that people hate Trump, and see the Black Lives Matter as some kind of revelation.

But to me, these things are essentially superficial things.

What matters, really, is what the deeper structures of society develops into.

We see, that the STRUCTURES of the US are going in the right direction these days.

Economy is getting better, the system is healing in a way.

Ten to twenty years from now, I hope we will look back at these times, and see that the Change that Barack and I did was a true turning point.

Because when we look at the essence of the American project, that is making a Democracy. I truly believe, that we have saved it.

The problem of a democracy is, when it gets morally corrupted. We are getting LESS morally corrupted, not more these days.

I know, that the police is slowly getting pressured, but I also believe, that at the end of the day, NOT having police does not make sense to anyone.

So, the true outcome of all the discussion and so on with regards to BLM, will not be, that anything devastating changed, it just made people have a lot more focus on these issues.

Point being, that what we need to do now, is just more of the same.

Make more jobs, by taking them back from China, support a democracy for the little man, not the powerful. Make a business environment, that truly makes it possible to attract all those brilliant minds to invent and create new products.

All in all, we are actually saved.

And that is a big win in my book.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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