We need the healing to start

Joe and Kamala, this time you need to stop fretting, get your clothes, put on your best hat, and start getting out there on the campaign trail. I know, that it can seem a little daring in these times with Corona and everything. But the fact of the matter is, you are not going to win, unless people know what you are standing for, and that you are actually there to tell them.

I think, that talking to the American worker should not be a problem. I mean, who is REALLY hit by the corona crisis? It is the worker who is laid off, and is in danger of loosing his livelihood permanently.

We need to think about a plan to save him. A good plan is to make sure, that all the manufacture, that is now leaving China, and is going to some other low-cost labour countries gets back to Detroit.

We need the motor city up and running again, and it is not going to happen, unless there are cars built in that wonderful old city.

When the engine is running, then the car can get in gear and start driving.

That is pretty obvious.

So getting manufacture to stop the senseless depleting of American manufacture should point to a possible future for not only those laid off of jobs, but also a path out of the corona nightmare we are in.

Show the public that you are ready to take on this challenge and stop the bleeding of American jobs to the pacific region.

Then Kamala. You are a g-d given gift to the health of American way of live. A person of color, that has done a good job of making your own way.

It is your job, to try and reach out to the parts of the US that feels disenfranchised and left behind, because they are not into the mainstream protestant view of things.

It is your job, to make everyone see, that it is possible to live side by side in a humanistic society. A healer not a divider.

That is truly an incredibly difficult task. You need to reach out to so many little corners of the US.

Here, there, everywhere. But people need to experience the healing process started.

Need to see, that there are people in power, who listens to their plight and difficult living conditions.

By this, we can, slowly, get the ship sailing on a straight keel again.

Because right now, we are taking in water, and people are desperate.

We need to sail straight, and have a clear direction towards what people are truly fighting for; that dream, that everybody are equal based on equal rights in a place called the United States of America.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it prevail.

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