Concerning the deal on Iran, we should remember, that the main economic reason was the fact, that it would improve the standard living of those who call themselves Persian.

A strong focus on economical growth should therefore be paramount. It should not be for the elite only, but a wealthfarestate model, that encompasses all, especially the poor should be able to get medical assistance.

A true schooling in the ideology of Iran should be pursued. Not propaganda, but a positive presentation of all those ideas that is the makeup of modern day Iran. From the Hittite to the Muslim. The aim of the creator is for man to live in peace, in brotherhood, not sucked into the material realm. This should be the aim of a renewed focus on spirituality. 

A state where people are working together with no fear and in peace. People call Persia an irrational country, we say no! It will be a model to behold, an ideal society where people live strongly with the creator as their guiding star, in peace with their fellow man be it Jew or gentile. 
G-d bless what Iran can be in a new world of opportunities. 

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