The humane man

We are truly heading for at final conclusion in the fight against and for at peace treaty with Iran. Everybody, both for and against are all up in arms, but it seems to me, that Barack is truly winning this time. It is his showpiece of legislation the best part of his second tenure, and what he promised in the beginning when he promised change and hope. Remember?

He promised us a world with less conflict and more peace, where the U.S. had regained its stature after Bush, and on a deeper level, more prosperity to the middle class. This is what he has delivered, and this is what I will try to follow up on, because there will only be one American president for me, and that is Barack Obama. We started this together, and as Steve jobs, that put that little apple on his first computer, and stuck to it to his death, I will continue what Barack and I started.

So in that sense, you could say, that Baracks tenure will not be over … ever because the philosophy we created together will be a part of the heritage of man. As Alexander and Aristotle.

It is not a thing to be swag about or self obsessed, it is something to be humble about and give to the creator.

But, if you could please see it for what it is, all you who are so adamant in opposing it. It would be a boon to us. It is more than just a vain wish of an American president. It is a world changing event, that seeks to make the west and east whole and strong again. The same pillars we all rest on.

With this deal, if it works, the Viking culture will be back as and international peacemaker and leader.

If we loose, something else will take its place, and believe me, that something else will be either killing, enslavings, masscontrol or something worse.

The individual and his preciousness will be forgotten, it will be war and slaughter, and inhumanity.

This is what we fight for, we fight for at better and more happy world. Not to occupy or tyrranize.

G-d bless the will of the humane man.

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