I have often wondered about the EU. I remember I was on a trip with SIAD ten years ago. We went down to Brussels just after the Mohammad cartoon incidence, and landed there, in front of the Potemkin backdrop, it felt drab and deranged there. But there was one little glimmer of idealism, written in the cold concrete that frames the entrance. It was a dedication to antifacism. A faint echo of the Second World War I suppose, and the fight that still seems to motivate the system. That was against Mussolini and his idealistic hordes. The fight against someone who are absolutely certain about their own supremacy, who disdain democracy and the rule of the people.

Well, what has become of that idea? That democratic idealism.

Well, as in the Spanish civil war, when the diehard volunteers went to Spain to fight that democratic socialist fight, it was betrayed by Stalin. That was the point where the Soviet Union went from the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky, and went all … Facist.

As the volunteers died, hardened betrayed by the cold power grab of Stalin, and his fascination with Hitlers efficiency and “bold” methods.

You sometimes become what you fight. The staring on your enemy, will make you become him.

Now, there is one philosopher the bureaucrats should read. He is called Machiavelli. He is the dark philosopher, because his ideas lead to massslaugther. But he is a good read, because he is right in some ways. He is the ultimately realistic philosopher. He says; cut the crap, if you want to hold and secure a city, you have to be ruthless, otherwise, the descendants of those areas you took will rebel. It is like that.

When you mix people with backgrounds so different as the EU is doing, you will have war between the different ethnic groups. Machiavelli will tell you that, and he is right.

Then the EU bureacrats argue, that the US is a United States. But, hey, it took two devastating wars to finally create the US. First the wars with Mexico, and then the civil war.

Another argument against the European Union.

Bottom line, the EU cannot be created without wars. All historical evidence points to that.

That is exactly the conclusion we can draw from the conflicts the EU has with Greece; it is heading for war. Because, seriously, does anyone believe that the Greek population will accept the humiliation it is given by the EU, in a very warlike manner?

Yes the elites are all fighting like cats and dogs to make their haunted Union, but you cannot fight necessity.

So, the project that stood for democracy, has finally plotted our it’s course, directly against facism.

This is why a fight against it, is as glorious and honorable as the last fight against the first facism. Because the true heir to moussolini, is the European Union.

G-d bless us all, as we brace ourselves for the final stand of the great but flawed project.

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