Well, I have become a no good, liberal, unrealistic jew, who has no realism and knows nothing. Well, as anyone who have been reading this blog would know, it is the opposite.

But, there is one thing, that is certain. The peace of the Middle East is hinged upon my work now. I do realize, that if I am not able to realize this peace, war will start again.

But basically I do not think that the prospects of a nuclear armed Iran are more probable now than before. It is less. It is like a child, when you continue lecturing them about this and that, and it is, obviously unfair. It will rebel and do the opposite. If you, however, actually try to make a frame, where things are truly fair, and all claims are equally balanced, it will respect you.

I know, that it is, in a way, an unfair reflection, since Iran is one of the most ancient cultures of mankind. But, the pedagogical tools applied by the West have been immature.

Now, Iran feels it has a serious partner to negotiate with, and acts like that. Serious.

But, it all hinges on my shoulders, and I am trying to realize a more stable basis of my own existence. I cannot work this way, as a helper and hold that responsibility. I need a sound basis to work from. I hope to realize this in a few months.

Until then, we still have this amazing opportunity to make peace. To evolve as humans.

There is a saying, that humanity is no more.

I object, it is truly alive.

G-d bless the will to peace.

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