love of fellow man

The process of a new religion has begun. So far, I have not heard from his eminence archbishop Justin Welby, but it seems to me, that the Kabbalists are willing to help. That is good news, because they are the caretakers of the basic judaic principles of the religions that we all share.

It is good news indeed. It will be very taxing and difficult for the kabbalists to enter the world of the mundane, and actually realize their own prophesies. Being underground for five thousand years, gives you a bit of secluded worldview. But luckily the new generation is now both willing and open to the new trends.

Let us look at the first principle they have presented to us, as the basic principle behind religion. It is the principle, that you should not do something for yourself, but do what you wish to to do for the creator and your friends. In this view, self love or egoism is really the problem.

We all wish to look upon our own interest all the time, and not on the interest of our fellowman or the brotherhood of man. We wish to be fulfilled ourselves.

This is the basic idea behind people who are religious; to work for the common good not for ourselves.

Why? Because G-d is communion, not separation. We are all one, and only if we are able to release ourselves from the material world will we meet spirit. This is done, through the sacrifice of the individual.

Only when we are together with our fellowman in spiritual as well as social unity, will we serve G-d.

May he bless our path to him.

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