Cyrus-the-GreatI know, that most of the world does not trust the Iranians. But, I do not understand, reading all the ancient hittitie things and ideas, knowing about Zoroastrianism, knowing about the world and the creed of the flame religion. Why can these people be less trusted than anybody else? Remember, we put them in a situation, where they did not feel we understood and respected them.

That was why Iran rebelled the first time, we now DO understand them, so there is hope and there is peace.

Often people see me as a warmonger, when I point to the fact, that caving in to IS, actually supporting them by giving them rehab is a very bad idea. But then when I do trust the Iranians, because of their history as one of the first civilizations of the world. Then that is wrong also.

Remember, I trusted Al-Sisi, he became an ally and a friend.

I know that Iran plays a double game in a sense. They have to, because there are forces, vile and destructive forces that wishes to destroy Israel. But there is also other forces, that wishes for peace and reconciliation. We have seen them in action for two years.

It is now up to us, to go on on this path, and create that peace.

Here we are all us kings, and we strive and we try, and perhaps, perhaps when we are not anymore, one of us is truly crowned as the true king. I say, that it is up to the Middle East itself to choose the one they want as king. Not the kings themselves.

Now there is peace, get used to it, because it will be a brief respite, before strive is there again. But in this small window, miracles can work and will appear, as the crown religion, that I want his eminence the Bishop of Cantebury, as the caretaker of Oxford to begin.

LET RELIGION LIVE AGAIN; LET G_D LIVE AGAIN. LET US ALL; WE WHO ARE THE HUMBLE SERVANTS OF HIS GRACE HAVE LIFE AGAIN. May people, and life, and all live again. Because, as people strive for this little rock, or that little place in the sun to survive, there is the bigger picture, there is Cyrus, and let us all give this victory to his glory. Let this victory of mankind be handled to him, so that, in his wisdom we may live and survive.

G-d bless you all, and may war end. G-d bless you.



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