Well, many Israelis are a little angry at me for defending the Iran deal I did together with Barack Obama.

Let me be clear about this. This is not just about Israel, it is a larger scheme, that includes all of the world. Here Israel is not just a local Middle East player, but a world player.

Remember when Mr. Shimon Peres was buried, what happened. The entire world went there to put him at rest.

For many in Israel he was a traitor because of the Oslo accords. I understand, they were bad. But to the rest of the world, he was the very symbol of peace that could come from Israel.

The reason why people around the world are so engaged in these peace processes is because it symbolises a greater hope for mankind. If Israel can make peace, perhaps the world can make peace.

That is what is at stake.

I think that the world recognised that the Oslo accord was flawed and basically a scam from the Palestinians. These criminals live off of charity of the world, the worst thing that could happen to them, was actual peace. Then they would end having no value to the world. So they stir up trouble just to be a part of the game. It is all they live for.

But the rest of the world does not need the conflict to be of value.

That is why, given a sufficient amount of wisdom, we can actually make peace.

We did it with mr. Al-sisi, we did it with the Saudis and we did with the Iranians.

Now, this is a fact, and it was a succes. I know that Mr. Netanyahu does not trust the Iranians. I understand, having bombs thrown on ones kids and people stabbed at each day is not a good thing for peace.

We have the same problems here in Denmark, and believe me, I am fighting like a wildcat to protect the Danes and the Jews, putting myself at risk, even my children are at risk.

But I have also a lot of personal experience with both Iranians and Arabs. They are not evil people, they have different priorities, but they are, as most civilised people striving for at better world.

We walk this line, the line of materialism and spirituality all the time, getting sucked into the material world and war.

I understand that we are afraid of Iran, but until we have actually started a dialogue with them, then how can we be so sure that they are not open to peace?

The Iranian people elected Rouhani, a man of peace.

Trump cannot sustain five dfferent wars at once. He has one in Afghanistan, he has one in and around Iraq, and two potential wars in China and in Europe.

As his friends we should not just drag him into a war because we can. We should think about what he needs as well. What he needs is strength to defend his own countries interests.

He is actually doing quite well in that respect, but we are supposed to be our brothers keeper, not dragging him into fights he has no real interest in.

I know this is harsh, but we need to respect he US, help them, put our needs aside and make him grow.

This does not imply that we should lay down our weapons and sing Kumbaya. We should defend ourselves, and we cannot accept a nuclear armed Iran in any way. So we need to focus on a better deal.

Fix it. So let us begin the talks with Iran, preferably with Mr. Trump involved and see if we can somehow make a deal that comes after the deal that is now.

G-d bless the deal that is possible.

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