Make America healthy again

It has been a while since the election and the spectacular result. One of the things I have been thinking about, is how we combine the ideas of the Liberal heartland in a new way.

A main topic we have touched upon is nature. How we try to take care of the wild, Barack and I tried to push a oceanic wildlife protection plan, among other things.

At the other hand, we have the community ideas of Mr. Barack Obama, and the ideas of the teacher Ms. Hillary Clinton, every happy kid is a result of a good little village and a good school.

It struck me, as I have begun reading this amazing book about the life of trees, made by a forester called Peter Wohlleben (read that book, it is amazing), that HUMAN organization reminds me very much of that of ancient tree forest.

Now, you will start accusing me of being a tree lover, and being one of those weirdos that like going into forests to hug trees and so on.

But my point is. We need to see HUMAN society as what it really is; an ecosystem.

Just as trees in forest connect roots to support their kind, we should do the same. Just as trees care for their younglings, we should do the same.

The aim of a liberal democratic system, must be to create a human ecosystem that thrives.

See people and societies as what it really is, a system we need to understand, in order to make the communities, the schools, the villages function.

THAT was shat Thoreau was trying to figure out for himself, the ecosystem of nature has a parallel in human society.

But this is where it gets really difficult. Because human society is like one of those ancient often corrupted forests.

Full of misshapen trees and unhealthy living conditions. Lonely tree stumps, without any communication.

We are living in a ancient wild forest without any foresters whom really understand us. Yes there is a few philosophers out here, but we are desperately rare.

Understanding the living beehives of humans require knowledge, and we lack that.

But if we take a fresh look at society, and all the elements of it, we can make it better. YES WE CAN!

By working tirelessly for those little villages and schools, those communities, we can make a better human society. Strengthen the families, make a sound democracy, make people care for each other, water the roots, take care of the saplings, make America free and healthy again.

G-d bless America.

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