The people of Iran is in a rebellion. Let me be clear about this, any people who cry for freedom has the undivided support of Denmark and Israel.

Why? Because freedom is the first step you take, if you want to reach a spiritual life.

G-d gives us freedom to find a way through the maze of the material life. Sometimes religion does not understand this and claim, that it knows the only way find G-d. Then why did G-d give us freedom?

If a system is good, there is no need of control. If a system is bad, the control starts.

I know that the leaders of Iran means it well. It is not so, that they suppress the people because they are evil. They are not evil, but good people.

They do it, because they believe that there is a path that is righteous, and that everybody should follow this path.

Now, why did G-d give us freedom? Because, the material world is in flux, it changes all the time.

So in order to reach a connection to what is good, you need to change with it.

That is why G-d granted us freedom, to be able to change when the material world changes.

There is no such thing as a fixed path to G-d. In fact, each and every person needs to find his or her own way.

That is why I say; set the people of Iran free. Let them decide. Give them peace, and not punishment.

Give them CHANGE.

But do it in way that gives no bloodshed.

G-d bless a way of being, that understand that G-d is there always, and we need to understand what HE wants.

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