Fire Temple EsfahanWe need to understand the basic power structure behind the scenes of the Iranian government to really make a deal with the Iranians. And we have to show them the basic decency of respect in terms of allegiance. The result of the negotiation should be a renewed and more prosperous Iran, and a friend won.

There are many faults of Iran, among them a huge and destructive secret service that kills the citizens if they are not willing to comply with the central power. But there are also a lot of strengths and good things about Iran.

Basically Iran reflects the people of Iran, the people of a noble culture, and that is the real potential Iran has. The Cosmocrator G-d was called once in Iran, so it should reflect its being today again. Being so, it will propel Iran into a more prosperous future.

Let me explain.

The term Cosmocrator is really a Zoroastrian term. In the original Persian faith, G-d was believed to be everywhere, ruling everything. This is a much more sound reflection of what spirit really is, that the stale and fixed idea of G-d that is in much of the current Arabian inspired Sharia ruling.

G-d is not an almighty being that decrees this or that. G-d is a permeating and living thing that is everywhere.

If you realize this, you also realize, that G-d will change his or her idea of the future based on what will happen on earth. G-d is a living thing with the ability to understand, realize, analyze and conclude on specific things in the world. It is everywhere, and hence is a part in everything.

This realization must fall back on the way we rule our world. Since the goodness of the world is changing, our laws must change with it. This is where the democratic ideal comes into play. Because how can we understand the perspective of G-d, if we do not honestly dig into the situation, and find the goodness in that? We cannot, we have to be able to talk about it.

Therefor a Shiite version of law should be, as according with the basic tenets of Zoroastrianism, a search for spirit, and the thereby the goodness of a specific situation.

This leads us away from the rule of the strong, that was the original idea behind law, as defined by Hammurabi, the Babylonian king.

Now, giving this idea to the Shiite is a token of respect. We wish you a better life, and we wish you a reemergence on the stage of the world that is positive.

That however will be determined by the outcome of the very difficult negotiations concerning the nuclear armament project.

Here I really believe we need to give the Iranians a solution that will safe their grace. This is not about winning or humiliating. It is about the danger of an arms race in the Middle East.

So we need to reach a solution that both we, as the West and beyond, and the Iranians can see as a victory. The Iranians are in it for the grace and the respect. Iranians want to be respected as an international country of great value. So this is a thing we can offer; full recognition as a member of the international community of good and responsible states. The Iranian country should attend powerful meetings, be a respected member of international communities, and should be listened to in the international press.

On the other side, Iran should respect the international disarmament plans and not boost the cold war potential that lies in the competition between states in terms of potential firepower. Be a responsible state, and stop the rapid armament that will eventually lead to destruction of all humanity.

This is possible, and everybody else should off cause be a part of the disarmament.

We do not need, as a race of man, the ability to destroy the entire world, it does not make sense.

The will should be accompanied with an openness when it comes to inspection of nuclear sites. If the will is there, there is nothing to hide.

This should be a solution. And off cause, all sanctions should be taken away.

I hope this is a respectful solution.

G-d bless the peace we are so close to win.

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