In order to change the current development of Iran into something more of a positive trend. Here is a quite basic advice, with the deep respect given to iran.

Basically, the most amazing and best contribution the proud, complex and wise Persian civilization gave to the world, is the concept of goodness.

Zoroaster invented the idea, and consequently gave it on to the entire humanity. The idea is so basic we do not really think about it anymore. On top of this, it has found its way into almost all philosophies and religions.

Zoroaster gave this to us all.

Defining goodness is off cause an ardoruos task, and not something we should deal with lightly, but there is one place, and one person I as a jew know is of some relevance to the question.

Please let me explain. When Judaism was coined all these thousands of years ago, it was not just by coincidence, but through great prophets and illuminators. One of them, perhaps the most basic of them all, was the prophet Abraham.

To understand my forefather, you have to understand the world he lived in. He was a citizen of the fabled polis Babylon. A city still held in awe by most of humanity. At least all monotheistic religions. A city situated a few hundred kilometres south of Iran.

This city was the archcity of all nations. Sprawling over a vast territory by the standards of the time, a place for invention and experimentation. Here most of what we today coin as civilization, was invented.

The most prominent citizen of Babylon is off cause Abraham. He lived there at a time, when Babylon was a mess. Nobody could really relate to each other, and through a cacophonic environment came the ideas of Abraham.

He intelligized the simple formula, that we, as citizens of the best system; the nation, still live to try to fulfill. He said; well if we as citizens of the proud city of Babylon should relive the spiritual realm on earth, and, on the same time, have harmony here where we are. We have to copy the way we were, when we were spirit.

Spirit is a vast unending force, that is in all, everywhere, through matter. This experience of a living state we already have, we should make again, thereby transcending the life we have with spirit.

He called this way of living, the way of love.

This is good, this is the core of goodness; love.

This item of peaceful cultural exchange is a token of friendship we, as jews, wish to give you as persian. Please, share our vision of a spiritual as well as an earthly reign of love.

Take our outstretched hand, hold it, and together we can change the world to something better.

G-d bless the peace we are so close, so close to find on earth, as a reflection of the world we came from.

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