The European Union

The best is the worst. The best development of the world right now happens in Europe. A numerous plenitude of new ideas, new trends and new ways of doing things is a result of the growing discomfort with the absurd immigration policy of The European Union.

The worst is really the European Union, it was all highlighted at the absurd party where the unionists attended an already forgotten acquisition of the Nobel peace price.

Here in Denmark we say, that you only put medals on fools, because the real heroes are always working against the stream, so, as a consequence they never get a medal. Well, I know the feeling, when Lars Hedegaard got a medal for an absurd show hypocrisy, I really did dig that feeling.

Anyway. Let us have a piercing look on the monster that the bureaucrats of Bruxelles have built in the demolished city. So proud of its legacy as the main capital of the Flemish, so broken as a symbol, that almost no trace of the spirit is left. Only a few places, a hero here and there and a stubborn focus on liberty.

Anyway. In that broken city, rules a collaboration of bureaucrats. They are beyond the reach of the people, and as moles, they try to hide all their decisions off the radar of the Peoples of Europe.

With a complete disregard for the wellbeing of the normal citizen, they make this project, then another project. Most of the money they get are squandered on stupid projects, and the impact they have on the economy of the European countries are mostly negative. The list is long. Take the Schengen project, that opened all the borders of the European countries, it let to massive theft in the northernmost regions. My personal insurance has risen 35 % because of the rise of theft. Imagine when you come home, and you find your summer house completely demolished. This happened to one I know three times last year. Thanks to the EU. This gives not only a feeling of insecurity, but because the EU is adamant and totally without regard of the people of Denmark, and because they are willing to go to great lengths to keep their stupid program, danes seem to accept the situation with a certain amount of apathy. We are kept under lid, without any means as to escape the creeping demolition of our state. It just goes on and on.

But the most cynical project of the European union is without doubt the Euro. This artificial construct has put the Southern European Countries at its heels. Usually the Southern European countries used devaluation to control the income of the taxpayers. If they had too high income, the currency was devalued, and the tax would fall into the right pockets. This is not possible in the Euro, so all the state can du is to cut in the different flows of money it controls, pensions, payment, social welfare. Since a devaluation was equally distributed, it hit all on an equal level, the new control system will hit much more unequally. The poor are paying a higher price, because they get their money directly from the state, and the state has to cut down. So it is, in practise an unequally driven marketdeduction.

Well, this is all not so bad in theory, but in practise it is awful. We hear about the suicides of Spain, the warfare in the streets of Greece. All to no avail, the bureaucrats will hold on to their little kingdoms. Why? Because, they bring peace. Tell that to the family who lost a member, because he killed himself in Spain. Tell that to the girls who are raped because of the immigration policy forced on the Scandinavian countries. Tell that to the burdened country of Greece.

It is all to no avail. They do not listen, and if they did, the power-hungry, corrupt, indecent bureaucrats do not care. Why should they care? They can drink their café with cream on the picturesque cafés of Lindenstrasse, they can afford not to care, because they are not held responsible for anything.

This is a heartfelt sympathy send to the hapless civilians, and the lost souls, paying for the corruption in Bruxelles. Have they heard about justice? Have they heard about love? No, they have only heard about the possibility to acquire more, more money, more power, more for themselves. In the end, they will sit on the top of the mountain of wealth, stolen from the people of Europe, with nothing more than the disgrace and the money left.

G-d bless the peace and the justice we long for in Europe.

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