We define ourselves without the idea of a self. This is a great problem, when it comes to the understanding of what it is to be a jew. We usually see through our scriptures, and define the axioms and our belief on ancient scrolls and insight veiled under the thick carpets of time. We do not see the ideas we are imbued with as an external force, but as an internal force.

This is our problem. We do not see the issues ahead as something we must, as the carriers of ancient wisdom, with impunity and humbleness, carry forth. We see all that came from “our” faith, and see ourselves as the chosen people of G-d. This is our downfall.

We need to see our own faith as it is; a collection of wisdom, given to us as keepers, to convey to the rest of mankind, as humble servants of the ancient ideas. We believe we are chosen, and we believe we are better than other people, this is wrong, because only if we see ourselves as less than other people, will we really be better than other.

It is not that we should not defend ourselves, or be naif as when it comes to the fights of nature. Nature is a scene of fighting, but if we really wish to lead other people out of their misery, and realize their spiritual potential. We cannot demand or decree, we cannot be above or better. We can only be that friend people used to have, but has now forgotten.

This is the real difficulty of being a jew; people will hate us, and at the same time, we should not succumb to hatred or a negative worldview, but insist on the positive worldview that is really the basis of our own faith.

Stop the arrogance, gain in terms of humility.

Only in this process, may we reach Zion.

G-d bless the goal that is so far away, and yet closer than in many millenia.

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