IS in Europe

The world, and especially the West is in extreme turmoil due to mass-migration. It happens in the US, it happens in Western Europe. And, honestly, we are not doing a good job in this area.

Here are the conflicts that seem to paralyze us.

First of all, there is the human side. Many of these people are poor, desperate, refugees and so on.

But, at the other side, we have some of the worst scum of the earth hiding among these bastards, ISIS warriors, Al Queda operatives, Taliban and so on.

Unfortunately, a great part of Sunni Islam seems to be coagulating around a Muslim Brotherhood creed that teaches the superiority of Islam to the West. Creating a conflict of immense proportion.

We have, in the past, tried to support Mr. Al-Sisi and we are and should be, supporting him 100% in his crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood. I know there are supposed to be some cooperation between North Korea and Egypt, but this is small compared to the obvious war we have in common. Not to mention, that we truly need to support the beautiful country of Egypt. If it gets into the hands of The Muslim Brotherhood, they will tear down the pyramids!

This is beyond our own time, and our own priorities, this is a protection of the wealth of human history. Egypt is the birth cradle of human civilization.

So, in reality, we have a conflict inside the Muslim community that we have to navigate around. Not doing that will give us simplistic and unfair solutions.

My basic point is. What we need to do. Is to crack down, with all our might, on Islamists in Europe, while accepting democratically and peaceful Muslims.

Peaceful Muslims being the victims of the jihadis.

If we go on lingering around sites as Tower Hamlets, not doing anything, we inadvertently help the Muslim Brotherhood and abandon the Muslims who are trying to find a way out of all the mess.

And we need to be tough, repatriation, jailing, persecution of IS operatives. We should use all tools in the box, not shy away, but hunt them down.

We need to do this, in order to keep the peace, and even though I hate the consequences of such a crackdown, not doing it will lead to much more mayhem.

G-d bless the will to act on the evil that is floating from these monsters.

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