In this world of fast food and shallow relationships, we often tend to live our lives in the fast lane, not looking back.

In the olden times, this was not the way you were supposed to live. Things were slower, more stable. Things did not Change that much.

I understand this, and even though I have always called for Change, I also understand, that there is importance in keeping the virtues of values of the olden time.

There are some things, that are not supposed to Change.

I will give you a story about conservatism, and what that truly means, from the best possible source.

Here it comes.

Ten years ago, when I started my philosophical career. I started it with a small book of interviews, the book you can see at the right column on this page. It was a number of interviews with prominent Danes of the time. We tried to have a dialogue over Platonic dialogues. The three virtues; courage, wisdom and justice.

One of the interviews were with the Crown marshal. The leader of the queens administration. We were to discuss justice, he was a lawyer by education.

For me, as a liberal, that was a challenge, but also an important lesson, I believe.

So I took my bike, rode into the part of the town that is the queens, and pressed the button at the door of the queens administration.

I decided not to put on a suit, because, that was not me at the time, so I went there with my normal clothes, being true to myself.

I went in, and, lo and behold, I really connected with the Crown marshal. I did not know it at the time, but a great part of me is Conservative.

We had an enlightened conversation. The Crown marshal being both a wise and idealistic man. Talking Plato really brought up the best in both of us.

We talked justice in relation to the law, and then he started giving out his lessons.

He said, that inside of us, there is a guiding principle, it is called the conscience.

Not following that guide, will lead us into misery.

I agree, we have to listen to our conscience.

Then after a long talk, he kind of took me to the side, after I had stopped the tape recorder. And he said to me, Asger there is something we are beginning to lose. We are loosing our loyalty.

That kind of blew me back in a sense. It did not get into the book, but I saved it in myself, and since then, it has become some kind of a guiding principle for me.

My experience is, that you may take a beating for being loyal to your family, your city, your country. But at the end of the day, that is what truly creates the depth of your own live. That is the antidote to all the superficiality of our world.

Oldfashioned, yes, but a good principle to go by, and a means to happiness.


Especially when it comes to my family, this is truly the principle, that drives the whole little band.

We have had our problems. Internally as well as externally. Being in a political life really sucks sometimes, but me and my beautiful wife, have kept the loyalty to each other. Through thick and thin, through good times and bad times.

But the most important thing to consider with loyalty, is your relationship to your kids.

They are loyal, pr. default. To them, your are a great knight in shining armour, and they will go to their deaths trying to protect you. We should always remember that.

As a token of respect to their loyalty, you should treat them the same way. Always stand up for them, always try your very best to create the best possible life for them. Sacrificing your own life to their benefit.

That is what is important, and that is what life is all about.

That will, with the words of the Crown marshal, give you a profound and meaningful live, despite all the trouble the maker will throw at you. Because he gave you something to care for; your kids, your wife, your city, your country, in that order of importance.

G-d bless the willingness to look beyond ones own needs, and be strong in our loyalty, to that which is truly important.

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