The will to persevere

In the upcoming conflict with some of the worst elements of the migration, the English public and service seem to be paralysed. It could be political correctness, that is, cultural communist control, some of it is perhaps. But there is a deeper problem, that really seeps into the system, stopping the actions of all who wish to tackle this civilisation conflict.

If we presume, that spirit is WILL, then it is, honestly quite obvious what is really wrong. Having lost the faith in G-d, the English people have become numb and without any true will.

It is truly the loss of G-d, that is the problem, beneath all the apparent stalling of action.

Let me explain. G-d in ourselves is, when everything else is stripped away, willpower. But it is a willpower directed at something. Ideally at what is good in this world, and against what is bad.

There are good things in the world, and bad things.

The eternal fight in this world, is the fight between good and bad. If you lose faith, you loose your will to fight this fight.

When the system is breaking down in Luton, and other small cities that is caving in due to some pretty evil practises by some uncivilised migrants, targeting young and defenseless girls in the vilest possible way. Not acting on this will not be an act of goodness, but is an act of evil, due to ones passivity.

Being a true servant of spirit, is to see into this monster of problems and actually find a humane way out of it.

I am not talking about racewars, I am talking about the recognition of the problems with migrant communities.

This should be clear to both sides of the political divide, though some in the liberal camp refuses to acknowledge it, due to cultural communist deference.

Anyway, finding a true and good solution to this, includes recognising all the problems that there is, and truly act on it. Also problems in Tower Hamlet and other parts of the English heartland.

This vile and inhuman way of life must be fought with all possible means. Not doing it, will be accepting evil.

THIS is what faith is about. Not just accepting defeat and go into oblivion due to lack of faith.

Looking at things as it is, but always trying to find a path to light and harmony.

The way out of chaos is often riddled with fights, but is the way it is with this material world. It is waiting for us to step up, be strong and face evil wherever it is.

By this attitude, redemption is possible.

G-d bless the fine and beautiful meadows of England, and may it flower once again.

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